Retail is undergoing a rapid, fundamental change.
  • E-commerce has grown in popularity
  • More and more younger generations are entering the workforce every year
  • Consumers are more digitally connected than perhaps ever before

Traditional “brick and mortar” retailers in the U.K. and other mature markets are challenged by changing consumer demands and the growing popularity of e-commerce.  While the majority of consumer purchases are made in physical stores, shoppers want in-store experiences with the same convenience and personalisation they've grown accustomed to online. To survive this dense jungle of change, retailers must think differently.

"The 21st Century Merchant Survival Guide" provides a glimpse into the expectations of the modern consumer, as well as examples of changes retailers can make to meet their demands and thrive in this new "retail jungle."  Download a printable version by submitting the form on this page, and visit Verifone at RBTE (Booth #450) to see first-hand how we're helping some of the U.K.'s biggest retailers create experiences their customers want at the checkout counter and beyond.